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Small Wedding packages include your beautiful bridal bouquet, buttonhole, & table flowers, crafted by the talented team at Blooming Wild Crear Flowers.


Beautiful blooms & fantastic florals

Small Gourmet Weddings include your wedding flowers with beautiful bouquet, button hole, and flowers for the tables. The team at Blooming Wild Crear Flowers would be delighted to make your bridal flowers to your exact specifications, or you can simply give us an idea of colours & style. We will also be delighted to create additional displays for the ceremony, beams, floral halos, or even collars for your pooches, at an additional cost.

Your Personal Crear Weddings Pinterest Board to Explore Your Wedding Ideas

Blooming Wild Crear Flowers offer a bespoke service working with you to create your beautiful bridal bouquets & wedding flowers for your Crear Wedding.

With an informal vibe that resonates throughout everything Crear, imagine colours of the seasons crossed with flowers in bloom. Blooming Wild is inspired by the ancient prehistoric landscape surrounding Crear from the rugged coast to sandy beaches, rolling hills & heather-clad peaks.

Included in your Small Wedding package is your bridal flowers for your bridal party as well as simple seasonal table flowers. Should you have a large bridal party or choose more expensive out of season blooms, there may be fewer table flowers to go around.

We would be delighted to create your vision in floral arrangements, however, there may be an additional charge for certain blooms or larger arrangements.

We love to work with your ideas to create flower arrangements that reflect who you are & to transform the blank canvas of the Crear studio space to become your very personal wedding space. Choosing your flowers is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. But it's not as simple as picking your favourite flowers & requesting them in your wedding colours. These basics will help you get up to speed so you can talk flowers with us at Crear Flowers & get the look you're after.

Images are way more telling than words which is why we just love seeing your Crear Wedding pinterest board. Finding gorgeous flower inspiration is pure fun, however its easy to get obsessed with images from magazines, pinterest & instragram. It's nearly impossible to re-create an image exactly, so our advice is to  focus less on replicating a photo & instead be open & comfortable with the fact that all your inspiration collected on your Crear Weddings pinterest board is meant to be used as a springboard for a new interpretation.

If you're petite, don't let your flowers overwhelm you. Wearing a beautiful full skirted gown? Make sure your flowers can stand up to the ruffled skirt of your dress. And no matter your fashion choice, be sure your bouquet isn't too heavy or too fragrant. You don't want to sneeze your way down the aisle. Fragrant blooms, like lilacs, freesias, lilies, gardenias, tuberoses & jasmine vine, are best used in moderation.

Don't let your flowers get in the way of a good time. Visualise your entire tablescape and choose center pieces that are low or high enough to encourage conversation. You don't want your tables to seem empty, but you also want your guests to have room to enjoy Alan's signature menu & have a great view of everything around them in the studio & beyond to the Paps of Jura through the floor to ceiling windows.

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